Frequently Asked Questions

Why pineapples?

Aside from the very important fact that Adrienne LOVE pineapples, the historic meaning and context works with the mission of The Cultured Career. Pineapples are an expression of “welcome” while also symbolizing friendship, hospitality, warmth, and luxury.

See, told you.

I don’t really get the theme thing, what’s going on with that, why is it SO important? Explain yourself.

We get why it’s confusing, but organization and relevance is super important. It makes the creation of content easier and consistent. More importantly, the themes provides a foundation in which all of events, content, and community events will be grounded. For example, our first themed month is kicking off in December. It’s all about leaving the foolishness of 2020 behind and going into 2021 refreshed. All of our blog posts, high-value content, podcasts episodes, and virtual events will tied (or loosely based) on the theme.

We will always have a playful and interesting twist to what we are doing, but it will always be something of value to you.

What else can we expect?

This the VERY beginning, literally. We are talking an approach that’s a bit slower and super methodical. We have an extremely small (but mighty) team making the magic happen.

We have a great lined up of topics to knowledge share on, incredible virtual events on the horizon, and even a shopping experience.

One thing we can share is our planned workshop: “Personal Branding for Women of Color: How to Reset, Reinvest, and Reintroduce Yourself.” This workshop is a game changer.

How often will there be new content added?

ALL-OF-THE-TIME! You can expect several weekly content drops whether it’s written, or a podcast episode. There will also be live virtual events for you to engage with other humans…imagine that. AND! there will be free downloadable guides, how-tos, e-books, etc. for you to have as a parting gift!

We recommend checking in several times a week to see what’s new and what you can contribute to the community as well!

What kind of information will I find here?

You’ll find so much stuff here…over time. The Cultured Career really is about meaningful career advancement through intentional career planning and personal branding. You’ll find there isn’t one way to achieve that since we all have different needs. goals, and starting points. The purpose is to meet you where you are and help you on your mission of rising and redefining your career to help eliminate systemic racism and discrimination in the workplace and in your local and global communities. We know this isn’t a small task. But it’s been proven the most diversity we have in the workplace, it simply works better. We are pushing that further and saying black women and women of color are crucial. We always have been and always will be.