Meet Adrienne, Editor-in-Chief, CEO



A Boston-native, Adrienne managed carved her own path forward both in the media and tech industry as founder and CEO of Workfluence. As a tech HR executive and woman of color, she saw the disadvantages women of color experienced in the workplace, and the lack of resources specifically created to speak towards the unique challenges faced by black women. The absence of curated content for women of color lends to the slow and consistent career progression often deserved. She also saw first hand in her work in HR how black women rarely negotiated or advocated for their careers. She often equates that to a knowledge gap and little-to-no representation of black women in the C-suite or executive-level positions.

Wanting to see substantial change and empower black and brown woman in every industry no matter that jobs, she created The Cultured Career to offer high-quality, relevant, useful and targeted content to her community. While it’s understood that black women are one of the most educated groups of people in the country with incredible experience and motivation, they hit a lower glass ceiling and either max out on their career growth, or it becomes an arduous task with no end insight. Adrienne sought out to merge the gap of exceptional career advancement strategies and personal branding—because when we show up, it’s not always powerful or loud enough, nor is it reflective of our potential.

The Cultured Career brand is one that has a larger, and arguably harder goal of helping black and brown women position themselves to claim key roles of leadership which would also aid in eliminating systemic racism and discrimination.

“I don’t see us showing up enough in the places and spaces where we can drive and influence systemic change and that’s where your dopeness and black girl magic really belongs.”