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Our Brand New Story

So you’re new…we’re new and you’re wondering what The Cultured Career is all about and what we actually do. I get it. Get your introduction to us here. You’ll love us!

How I Negotiated a $58,000 Base Salary Increase and Beat Out 450 Other Candidates

Read my personal story on how I secured a nearly $60,000 salary increase in a job offer and beat out hundreds of tops candidates. I list what you can do for your own version of this.

How to Figure Out Your Value in the Workplace

Figuring our your professional value doesn’t have to be as hard or tedious as you think. Don’t skip over this exercise to help you avoid being underpaid and undervalued at work.

Why Career Strategy Matters

If you’ve ever felt confused about your next move professionally or in your career. You might be lacking a thoughtful approach. Here’s what you can do about it right now.

Winter 2018 Fashion Trends: The Only Looks You Need to Know

The Christmas countdown is officially on! And how do we know? Because the Marks & Spencer Christmas advert has just hit screen. And the star is a certain Holly Willoughby – and…

36 Pairs of Winter-Ready Ankle Boots We’re Quite Psyched About

Waking up to great hairstyles is such a great feeling. It is like doing up your hair while you sleep, literally. Fortunately, there are some no-heat hairstyles, which won’t do any damage…

The Influencer We Actually Do Check Every Day for New Outfit Ideas

Although we all bade goodbye to 2018 and welcomed 2019 with open arms, the film world is revisiting every venture from 2018 and making judgement calls on best movie, best actor, best…